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Myriad. Where we connect.

Where we connect.

Global challenges like the destabilization of ecological systems and the massive decline in biodiversity demand a radical reconfiguration of how we understand and interact with the natural world. Interactive, immersive and science-driven storytelling can help the public better understand the complexity of our interconnected and interdependent world on a planetary scale through narratives that are both emotionally impactful and informative.


MYRIAD cooperates closely with the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin to craft experiences at the intersection of science, art and education.

MYRIAD takes this scientific foundation to create immersive experiences to show the complexity of animal behavior – and how global animal pathways have been influenced by anthropogenic changes to the environment.

Visualizing movement on a massive, yet intuitive scale can help us understand the interconnectedness of our world, and restore a sense of wonder for the world around us.

Virtual Reality Experience

Through a poetic virtual reality experience MYRIAD allows audiences to join three different migrating species along wind and ocean currents, across continents and through soaring mountain ranges as they make their way around the globe. Each journey weaves new scientific insights into fascinating, emotional stories of survival and perseverance.

The protagonists: Bald Ibis, Green Sea Turtle and Polar Fox.

In an exhibition context, there will be a full immersive VR experience. Additionally, Quest Glasses will provide a mobile adaptation of the VR Experience.

World premiere at the 78th Venice International Film Festival 2021, September 2021.


The three Protagonists

Northern Bald Ibis – The Bald Ibis is a whimsical, imposing ibis bird that was native to the Middle East and Central Europe until the 17th century, when in Europe overhunting and other human-caused factors wiped out the population. Today, scientists are working to reintroduce the birds to their original habitat.

Green Sea Turtle – The Green Sea Turtle has been fighting for survival since birth. Due to their natural predators and the threats of fishing and marine pollution, only a fraction of hatchlings make it to adulthood. We learn about their amazing abilities to navigation using the earth’s magnetic field and the smell of water composition.

Arctic Fox – The fight for survival is becoming increasingly difficult for the Arctic Fox due to threats from invasive species, hunting, loss of food sources due to climate change, and the melting of the Arctic. Whole populations have been threatened with separation as natural migration routes across the ice are no longer possible. We follow the true and incredible story of a small Arctic Fox from Spitsbergen who makes her way across 3,506 kilometers of polar ice in just 76 days on her way to Canada.

360º 3D Documentary

MYRIAD is flanked by a film that uses state-of-the-art 3D 360° technology to capture the story of one of the most spectacular reintroduction programs in Europe: the human-led reintroduction of the bald ibis.

Using an ultralight aircraft, humans guide the bald ibises over the Alps, encouraging them to readopt historical migration patterns.

The viewer follows the birds on this gripping and emotional journey, learning about the special characteristics and migration routes of the animals, the factors impacting their flight, and the challenges they have to overcome on the way.

Immersive Installation

An interactive and immersive walkthrough installation stages the story world of the MYRIAD project in three dimensions, bringing science to life in museums, exhibitions and festivals.

The installation focuses on the many changes to the earth that have resulted from human interference. Intuitively graspable data about animal migration, anthropogenic changes to the environment, and even more animal stories of the Anthropocene heightens visitors’ awareness of the explosive nature of global change and immerses them directly in the complex interrelationships of the Earth system.

Using gestural control to interact with a circular screen and central sphere, visitors can engage with aesthetic data visualizations, animated infographics, audio stories and both visual as well as acoustic interactive elements.

Primetime TV Documentary

MYRIAD and ARD are co-producing a 52-minute international TV documentary called „The Secret Network of Animals – How Animals Help Us to Better Understand Our Planet.”

Long before the Internet connected the world, our planet developed a complex system of knowledge that united all living creatures. We call it the Internet of Animals. Scientists are only just beginning to understand how migratory animals interact with and rely on complex ecosystems to navigate vast distances and ensure their survival – and what this signifies for us humans in a shared habitat.

Can the sixth sense of animals help us to better understand our shared habitat? Can they help us to answer the crucial global questions of our time such as climate change, species extinction, natural disasters and the spread of epidemics?

Media Formats

VR Experience

From the depths of the Atlantic to the Arctic Circle — follow the stories of migrating animals in a poetic narrative.
- We are all stardust -

360° 3D Documentary

Fly alongside the mythological Bald Ibis, a conservation icon of migrating birds in this 360° 3D documentary. An unprecedented project to reintroduce this once-extinct species back into European skies.

Immersive Installation

Access the world of MYRIAD through an interactive installation. Explore animal migration routes across the globe and discover how changes in the ecosystem and climate are influencing our global systems today.

Primetime TV Documentary

Leading scientists take us on a wild journey around the globe. They believe that listening to other animal species on the planet, learning to understand and predict their behavior, decisions and migration paths will allow us to develop an unprecedented, holistic view of our world.

Fulldome Projection

Look into the sky, let your eyes follow the birds on their long journey. Cross the oceans, fly above high mountains and experience the adventurous journey of migrating animals.

Audio Experience

Discover the beauty of animal migration and cruise through a poetic sound environment via the immersive binaural audio experience.

Web format

Take your time to interact and carefully explore MYRIAD’s extensive universe of stories and scientific information.

Labs & citizen Science

Close cooperation with Citizen Science projects creates pathways for translating newfound enthusiasm into active participation in local efforts to conserve our planet’s biodiversity.


The QLD XR Festival celebrates Global creative talent, with a focus on AR, VR, NFTs / Digital Art, Esports, Game Development, Short Films and Animation.
The 360° 3D Documentary has been selected to the Church of VR 2021. The immersive creative experiences selected for Church of VR will be shown in Amsterdam and at the other physical satellite events all around the world.
The VR Experience is nominated as "Best Documentary Experience". Raindance Film Festival is the largest independent film festival in the UK based in the heart of London.
The VR Experience has been selected to participate in the competitive section FUTURE IS SENSIBLE for this year’s Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF), one of the first festivals in the world to host an International VR Films Competition.
The VR Experience is presented at the "Festival of International Virtual & Augmented Reality Stories" (FIVARS), a media festival that showcases stories or narrative forms from around the world using immersive technology.
The 360° 3D Documentary has its North America Premiere at one of the oldest film festivals in Canada. The PHI Centre hosts the immersive section this year as part of the 50th edition.
The 360° 3D documentary from the project MYRIAD. Where we connect. about the adventurous reintroduction of the bald ibis will celebrate its world premiere at the Open City Documentary Festival in London.


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